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Biojournal practice excellence in scientific publishing. Currently it has one published journal: Biojournal of Science and Technology. Other upcomming journals are Biojournal of Bioinformatics, Biojournal of Microbiology, Biojournal of Genetics, Biojournal of Pharmaceutical Research, Biojournal of Biotechnolgy and Biojournal of Meicine. Find about the Biojournal of Science and Technology below. We encourage our users to subscribe and share our content to social media. Any suggestions and advise is always welcome to improve our service.

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Biojournal of Science & Technology

Biological sciences are the most promising disciplines in current world. Most of the subjects are highly research oriented and a lot of research works are conducting world-wide in these disciplines. There are lot of high quality journal s to publish articles on these research. But most full access of the journals are restricted only to their paid subscribers, so it is very much tough to find necessary articles for the new researchers. Recently, open access journals achieved high popularity, due to have open access for all. This is very helpful to the readers, but to maintain the cost of publication, the authors have to bear a huge amount of money. For example, BMC biology takes $2400 as article processing charges. Although they waive charges partially for non-developed countries, still it’s very much costly for young researchers.

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