• BLAST (Basic local alignment search tool)- Introduction Lecture

    Familiarization with bioinformatics terms: Query Sequences: Sequence obtained by experiments or desired sequence retrieve from database. Database sequence: Sequences deposited in database Identity is a measure made on an alignment Sequence A can be “32 % identical to” Sequence B Similarity is a measure of how close two amino aci

  • Best 10 Online Tools for Scientific Publications (Researchers Tools)

    During manuscript preparation we need a lot of help form online resources such as literature search, find suitable journal for publishing, reference management, drawing figures etc. We all about some common resource like NCBI and google search but to make it perfect you will surely become interested to know about the following online tools. These t

  • How to get DOI for your Journal

    DOI is digital object identifier governed by International DOI Foundation (IDF) and managed by federation of Registration Agencies. Click here to see all the Registration Agencies for DOI. (Ref-1) CrossRef is the popular association of scholarly publishers provides DOI for scientific articles. It is also the official DOI Provider for scholarly p

  • How to include a Journal in PubMed

    To include any Journal in PubMed one must apply for the inclusion in PMC (PubMed Central). PMC is an electronic Archive contains full text of scientific articles for free. On the other hand PubMed is an citation and abstract database of articles. (Ref-1) Any journal included in PMC will automatically indexed in PubMed as soon as processed by

  • Announcement on the celebration of Second GNOBB Conference 2015 on 9-10th January.

    It is our great pleasure to announce that to commemorate the decade-long accomplishments of Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists (GNOBB), it will organize the “International Conference of Biotechnology in Health and Agriculture (ICBHA): Celebrating Ten Years of Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists (GNOBB)” in Dhaka, Banglade

  • Manuscript Review Process of Biojournal

    To ensure transparency we have outlined our review process in the following for our authors. [1] Submission of manuscript is only allowed  via online editorial system. All manuscripts are submitted to online submission system and an editor is assigned for the newly submitted manuscript by the chief editor. [2] Dynamic communication between autho