Indexing Guideline

Content: The journal must publish scholarly content.

Publication Continuity: Journal should be published regularly. Irregular journal whether is indexed in reputed indexing service or not will not be included in Biojournal Directory.

Structure and organization: Articles should be organized and clean. Bibliography and citation should be present. Also if different types of article are published such as Research article, Review Article, Letters etc. should be indicated clearly. Authors information’s, volume are a must to present. Publishing date of an article is not mandatory but it can represent caring of an journal system.

Manuscript Submission System: We prefer online manuscript submission system. Using third party service is acceptable but open gateway like google docs or dropbox is completely unacceptable as they can be vulnerable to public share of manuscripts. Using email system to send manuscript directly is very old but acceptable way but biojournal will not include any journal that use public email system such as google or yahoo. Journals with self email domain will be considered for inclusion only.

Domains & Hosting: There are no particular regulation of using domain or sub-domain for a journal, even hosting service is also not considered during inclusion of journal in our directory.

Commercial Ads: Using commercial ads are discouraged but will have no effect in inclusion system unless they are very distracting for readers(such as using blinking or moving objects in ads).

Transparent Editorial Boards: Editorial board is the heart of a journal. We believe variety in editorial member have greater impact on journals. Please make sure that editorial board member have their full name and affiliation, otherwise journal will not be considered for inclusion in the directory. Some journals use fake name and affiliation of editors (include name without concern of the respective person) therefore we strictly encourage to provide contact address of the editors.

Publication Process: A journal should clearly describe their publication process, review system and review process.

Authors instruction: Authors instructions should be complete and clear. If the journal have any article processing charge (APC) then it should be clearly stated in the authors guideline(at least an URL of APC  should be present). Guideline about styles, reference, citation and how to submit the article should be present. It is nice to have dummy articles as sample but not mandatory.

Policy: All types of policy such as privacy policy of the site, access policy of the article and terms & conditions of using the articles should be stated clearly. A Journal must constitute statement about copyright and open access.

Creative common license: Open access journals should show creative common license as it is a very beneficial for authors.

ISSN(s): ISSN numbers are free and represent serial publications. Many indexing services do not include journals without ISSN number. journals with highly authentic source will be considered only without ISSN number or alternative number system. Please remember that we do not consider journals with ISBN number only.

Last Update: [20 October 2014]