There are many scholarly journals worldwide; while some of them follow standard publication practice and some are not. Therefore evolved journal indexing services which provide authentic and in some cases automatic reports of these journals. It is very rare to find out a suitable journal directory (obviously there are many site directory but they enlist all kind of websites). Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ) is an unique and excellent indexing platform where researcher can find and compare Open Access journals search and filter them using keywords and taxonomy. Indexing in DOAJ is prestigious and consider as authentic source for Open Access Journals. Despite of these services which are mostly paid and difficult to affort fees for journals run by non-profit organizations, mostly present in third world country. Also none of them have the facility to compare journals side by side (whether its processing charges or related discipline). It would not be wrong to say that expensive membership packages and indexing charges made it nearly impossible to run a quality journal in the developing countries. Not only indexing services but also highly reputed journals have set their processing charge such that either it is possible to pay by  only first class citizen of the first world country or very rich researcher. For example article-processing charge of BMC Biology is £1585/$2700/€2005 for each article accepted for publication (Ref1), DOAJ charge £1000 per year for a large size journal(Ref2) and CrossRef charge up to $50,000 per year for a publishers to become its member(Ref3).


Still missing the point ?

Biojournal has developed its directory listing service to facilitate scientist all over the world to compare journals, their article processing charges, country of origin, indexing status and impact factor if present. Unlike directory of open access journals we include all kind of journals that follow our inclusion criteria. We appreciate help and suggestions from our readers; therefore please send us queries and suggestions at



Frequently asked questions about Biojournal Directory

Q1. Does the directory approve journal that is in the predatory list of ?

Ans: No we do not accept journals that are enlisted in Bell’s List. However our reviewer can make exception if they find it suitable for inclusion.

Q2. Does the Directory Represent International Organization ?

Ans: No Biojournal in not an organization but we do publish international journals in our platform.

Q3. Is Biojournal a Commercial Platform ?

Ans: No, Biojournal do not charge any subscription or fees for journal indexing (listing).

Q4. How Reliable the Journal Information’s are ?

Ans: Journal indexing of Biojournal is completely free but is reviewed by the members of Biojournal Scientific Community.

Q5. Can we use Bioj Number instead of ISSN ?

Ans: No Bioj is not an alternative of ISSN but can be used with ISSN.

Q6. Why Bioj number is assigned and what the significance of it ?

Ans: Bioj is the proof that your journal has been reviewed by an international scientific community.